SANTAChristmas was displayed everywhere right after Halloween! In the US and in Panama. Christmas carols come out of every store when you enter a shopping mall.

This was about the time when we started planning our Christmas. There was no doubt in Norma’s mind that she wanted to celebrate Christmas with our children this year. Since both of them are actively involved in moving the US economy up, our family Christmas celebration will have to take place in the US.

The idea of flying to the US for Christmas–actually, not Christmas: you are supposed to call it “holidays”–did not work for me. The politically correct DC Aristocrats want to change not only the Beginning, but they also want to change my life and beliefs. Since the ruling classes ignore the Gift of Christmas and encourage the retail industry to turn Christmas into a sales bonanza, I suggest they move the date into some of the warmer seasons–a thought that probably does not occur to the US rulers, since they have the privilege of selecting among their various homes and locations where to spend whatever they call the holiday!

Yes, I decided to stay in Panama and I am very thankful to my wife for supporting me in this. I feelNATIVITY very privileged to spend Christmas in Panama. It’s not just avoiding inclement (read COLD) weather in Colorado, but more importantly that Panama celebrates Christmas and calls it Christmas. The schools celebrate Christmas and not “Holidays” and the students are happy to have parties that include friends, teachers and parents. There are public places in the country showing the most beautiful nativity scenes. In fact, the newspapers publish a list of the most spectacular nativity scenes in the country. One of the major routes through Panama City along the Pacific Ocean was closed to traffic for 5 days for Christmas parades and Christmas celebrations! It is a very healthy atmosphere all around: friendly people laughing and welcoming.

It is not the turkey dinner or having more packages than the neighbor under an expensive tree. It is the kindness and friendliness among the people meeting at a neighborhood party or shopping at the mall or attending a Christmas service. Open and happy. No anti-family or anti-faith organizations waiting for an opportunity to drive people further and further away from truth and happiness.

Duke (our Beagle) and I will enjoy the wonderful beaches in front of our home on the Pacific Ocean. There are certainly no billboards and no “Happy Holidays” wishes. There are, however–in addition to the beauty of this country–signs and sounds of people celebrating Christmas.

I hope that right now you are in one of your favorite places, together with your favorite people, and celebrating your favorite event of the year without being told what it has to be called.


Merry Christmas from Beautiful Panama!


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  1. Larry,
    I am enjoying your blog today. It is well stocked with good information. We’ve been in Boquete for 4 months now and it’s going well.

    I want to tell you why we don’t celebrate Christmas anymore even though we believe in the Messiah and we follow him.

    1. Worship of the many sun gods centers on all of them being born on December 25th. That’s a terrible thing to equate our savior with all of the false God’s he came to destroy. Our faith was corrupted by politicians who insisted that the birth of Christ be on the 25th of December, the high day of pagan sun worship. Jesus was more likely born on September 21st on the feast of Tabernacles according to a lunar calendar instituted by Moses. The Gregorian (Catholic) date I just used didn’t exist 2000 years ago, by the way. The Son of God putting on a tent of flesh to dwell among us. It’s a Roman government instituted tradition that coincides with pagan holidays and certainly not the truth.

    2. We are not supposed to add or take away what is written in the Bible.

    I didn’t write this to take you to task but to take the opportunity to point out the difference of man made tradition and truth. For any of us to change our mind on this subject, it actually takes an act of God. So I leave it there. No condemnation. I can’t say that my family likes our viewpoint either. Go figure. I trained them that way back when I was traditional.

    Again, you write a very informative and outstanding blog. I’ve learned scads of things like 12 and 25 year rum. John Wayne Island and more. Great stuff.


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